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Why I created Happy Days NI

Why I created Happy Days NI


If I am being totally honest the reason I am a wedding celebrant is because I love weddings.  

I never actually planned on getting married, I just fell in love with my lovely husband Jim and it seemed like the natural thing to do. 

We enjoy the adventure of our lives together. It seems to get better and better.

Why I created Happy Days NI

Why I created Happy Days NI

Why I created Happy Days NI


I believe there should always be reasons to celebrate life and love. 

It is such a privilege to be involved in creating other people's weddings and making happy memories that will last a lifetime and hold significance.   

Too often we are caught in daily grind and it is important to take the time to mark special events and people In our life.

I would love to work with you to create 

your happy day!

My background

Why I created Happy Days NI

In my spare time


I am a trainer and a facilitator by day. I work mostly in mediation and I specialise in family and workplace mediation.  I have taught on the Peace building element in the Masters in Mediation at NUI Maynooth.  I have designed and delivered numerous courses and workshops on conflict, diversity & mediation.

Okay I'll admit it, I am a conflict geek but that works in your favour because I can help you with difficult conversations if you need me to, and I think creatively and have a love of language.

In my spare time

Lifestyle choices

In my spare time


Meet Lennie and Rudy - I love walking the local parks, hills and beaches with these two.  

I am passionate about food and I am trying my best to be vegan. 

Luckily gin is vegan

I love to read - when in doubt, I'll buy a book.  

A day at the cinema is a good day.  

Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices


I am accredited as a  Celebrant with Humanists UK and I love every moment of it. 

I think this is my dream job! 

I am also a volunteer member of Humanists UK Non-Religious Pastoral Care team and I am on the panel of Humanist School Speakers in NI too.

I support everyone's right to believe what they wish and to love whoever they want to, love is love.


Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices


Choosing the right celebrant for you is important. If I am not right for you I'll be happy to recommend other great celebrants. here's what some of my couples had to say about their day:

"You gave us our dream wedding and the whole experience was amazing

~ Cathy & Sam

"We had such a lovely day, the whole day was perfect. We'd love to take you out for a coffee to say thanks" ~ Hannah & Matthew 

So, that's all about me. What about you?

Whether you're booking your date, or just want to learn a little more about what I do, drop me a line! Give me a call on 07890861690 or fill out the form

Better yet, meet me in person for tea and a chat!

Happy Days!