Welcome to the world

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a newborn baby, step-child or an adopted child  into your family and friendship circle. 

If you would like to celebrate your child’s arrival with a non-religious or secular ceremony this is a lovely alternative to a Christening. 

 A naming ceremony is perfect way to express hopes, dreams and wishes for your child. 

A name is given with such care and is something to be celebrated. You can be sure of a personal and memorable celebration full of love and laughter.

 It will be a truly happy day! There are no age limits either, whenever the time feels right is the perfect opportunity to throw a welcome to the world celebration.

Creating a bespoke ceremony

Your naming ceremony will be as unique as your bundle of joy! 

There are lots of options we can talk through them and think about what you would like to include, or create one totally unique to your family. Share your ideas with me and together we’ll create an amazing ceremony. 

We can include some mini rituals such as a time capsule to open on your child’s 18th birthday, or a flower ceremony sprinkling petals over your baby’s head – each colour has a special significance (a beautiful alternative to holy water used in Christenings). Maybe you would like a tree planting ceremony. Your little tree will grow and flourish along with your child. Perhaps include some bubbles – blowing them can be a lot of fun if there are other children present.

Guideparents take the time honoured position of promising to support and guide your child through to adulthood. Poems, readings and symbolic elements, can all form part of your child’s wonderful welcoming ceremony.

You can even invite grandparents to make their promises to their new grandchild too.

What to expect

Modern families throughout Northern. Ireland are choosing a Baby Naming or Welcoming ceremony to celebrate the arrival of their special little person!

It is a beautiful and authentic way to celebrate your child and officially welcome your child into your family.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional christening this is the perfect choice.

There are no rules, we can create a really special celebration that feels just right for you and your family and friends.

You can hold a ceremony anywhere you choose, whether that’s in your own house or garden, or in a place that’s significant to you and your family. You can hire your favourite venue or choose a beach or a park. There are so many choices in Northern Ireland, but wherever you decide, together we can create a happy day that you’ll never forget!

Namings - Frequently Asked Questions

Humanism is an ethical lifestyle. 

We try to be good, decent human beings because it’s the right thing to do. We don’t need praise or reward and we aim to celebrate this life in the best way that we can and to help others to have a happy life too.  

Humanism celebrates diversity and equality, and values the relationships we have with other people – in part by marking key life events such as birth, marriage, and death.

The first thing is to either complete the contact form on the website, or phone or email. We can then arrange a meeting face to face or set up a Zoom or video call to discuss your requirements and preferred date.

I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland but don’t worry I love to travel so wherever you are we can meet up to make plans and of course to be there for your big day and a rehearsal too if you would like one. 

Once we have had our initial meeting, within 24 hours I will email you an outline of what we have discussed, together with a booking form and supporting documentation. Once these documents have been signed and returned, they will form the Professional Agreement between us. I will pencil in your requested date and this will be kept available to you for 7 days.

To secure and guarantee your booking please do the following:

  1. Within 7 days of our meeting, pay a 50% non-refundable deposit using bank details provided in my covering email.
  2. Sign and return the booking form and supporting documentation to me by email.

This date is then kept solely for you.

The remainder of the fee is payable using the bank details provided prior to your ceremony