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Janni Knox
Belfast, Northern Ireland

About Me

I’m Janni, loving life as a humanist celebrant based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and travelling throughout Northern Ireland.

Here’s what you should know about me, what drives me is the certainty that each of us is wonderfully unique.

I’m a huge believer in celebrating your ceremony in exactly the way that you want to, where you want to and with whom you want.

I’ll create your happy day with an amazing ceremony that’s personal, warm, and welcoming for everyone.

Why settle for boring, when you can choose a ceremony that celebrates you and really reflects what your are looking for? I’ll be nearly as obsessed about your ceremony as you will. It’s such a to be a celebrant and share in your special days.


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Specialising in creating a meaningful wedding ceremony that’s exactly how you want it. Your wedding, your way. Why settle for less!


A very special welcome. Make the day even more memorable, affirm your commitment to your child in front of those who mean the most to you.


Give someone a personal and meaningful send-off in a location that’s suits you. Remember and celebrate their life how they lived it.

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Humanism & Celebrations

Humanist & Celebrations

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions). If you have any more questions, give me a ring or drop me a line. I’m very happy to talk you through how working with me will enhance your celebration.

Many people discover they have a humanist outlook and they didn’t realise it!

If you are non-religious and have empathy and compassion in your life, if you look to science, reason and try to live an ethical and meaningful life, then you’ll find that you share a humanist philosophy. Your wedding ceremony will be a personal, and meaningful way to celebrate your marriage without the constraints of a religious ceremony.

humanist wedding ceremony is entirely centred on the people involved. Each ceremony is designed and written for the couple, their family and friends, so no each ceremony is as unique as the couple it celebrates. Everything about it is determined by you – your wedding script is relevant, personal and genuine to you to create your happy day.

Humanism is an ethical lifestyle. 

We try to be good, decent human beings because it’s the right thing to do. We don’t need praise or reward and we aim to celebrate this life in the best way that we can and to help others to have a happy life too.  

Humanism celebrates diversity and equality, and values the relationships we have with other people – in part by marking key life events such as birth, marriage, and death.

It is important that everyone will feel welcome.  

Nearly every ceremony has guests with different faiths and none. I feel passionately that everyone present should feel comfortable and involved and enjoy the day. 

We can make space in your ceremony to have a moment of reflection. Some people may use this time to pray if they wish. A humanist ceremony celebrates you, the couple, and everyone gathered is there for that very reason. A humanist ceremony includes everyone. 

Guests often comment that the occasion is much more moving and meaningful than other weddings they have attended because it is so personal.

UK Weddings – Weekends and Bank Holidays From £650

UK Weddings – Midweek From £600

Destination Weddings (outside Northern Ireland) – From £800 

Commitment Ceremonies – From £650

Renewal of Vows – From £650

Baby Naming – From £300

Funerals & Memorials – From £300

I am based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, my fees include travel. I am willing to travel across Northern Ireland.

All prices include complimentary mini-rituals.

The first thing is to either complete the contact form on the website, or phone or email. We can then arrange a meeting face to face or set up a Zoom or video call to discuss your requirements and preferred date.

I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland but don’t worry I love to travel so wherever you are we can meet up to make plans and of course to be there for your big day and a rehearsal too if you would like one. I’m lucky enough to have visited some of the best wedding venues in Northern Ireland, definitely check out my recommendations if you are yet to book your wedding venue!

Once we have had our initial meeting, within 24 hours I will email you an outline of what we have discussed, together with a booking form and supporting documentation. Once these documents have been signed and returned, they will form the Professional Agreement between us. I will pencil in your requested date and this will be kept available to you for 7 days.

To secure and guarantee your booking please do the following:

  1. Within 7 days of our meeting, pay a 50% non-refundable deposit using bank details provided in my covering email.
  2. Sign and return the booking form and supporting documentation to me by email.

This date is then kept solely for you.

The remainder of the fee is payable using the bank details provided prior to your ceremony